Child'Space Arizona Benefits



PROVIDES A FOUNDATION: Develop intuition; trust your judgment!

TEACHES PARENTS: Understand the language of early development. Speech,

facial expression, touch, movement, rhythm and song can help your baby by

stimulating primary developmental pathways.

A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVELearning about your baby's current  developmental

activities helps support growing abilities.

EMPOWERS YOU AND BABY: Provide the missing ingredients for your baby to learn rolling, crawling, sitting, and standing in a way that empowers you both!

SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT:Your baby develops better when each problem is addressed as it arises. It makes tummy time fun and functional, as well as teaches your baby how to self-soothe.
DEVELOPS INDEPENDENCE & CONFIDENCE: By knowing when it is time to help and when it is time to let your baby do the solving, you encourage the development of independence and self-confidence.
ENRICHES RELATIONSHIPS: By facilitating your involvement in early learning, Child’Space Arizona enriches the relationship between you and your baby, increasing your confidence. Ultimately, attachment bonds are strengthened between you and your baby, as well as with grandparents and your baby!
BODY MAPPING: Your baby's abilities to self-balance, to move, and even to speak and think can improve dramatically as a result of being able to feel his or her own body parts more clearly.

Nana Jill implementing

the Child'Space Method.

Video Introduction to the

Child’Space Method (16 min.)

Supporting Infant

Development Through

Movement and Touch
Child'Space Arizona teaches vital parenting practices that contribute to early development by helping your baby to feel and to regulate himself or herself. The Child’Space Method facilitates the observation of your baby’s needs, taking into consideration pace and temperament. This approach will foster your intuition regarding the type of touch, the tempo, and the tone of voice that will best help your child safely explore the world as growth and development takes place. 
TUMMY TIME: The Child'Space Method makes tummy time fun and functional, as well as teaches your baby how to self-soothe and helps constipation issues.

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